Chem-Free Platinum series

Learn more about the Chem-Free Platinum series for your home in the Cypress, TX area

KDF 55:

This is used to remove Chlorine and heavy metals from your water. It is extending the life of your carbon and protecting your resin as well as your family. It also prevents bacteria & algae growth in your system

Granular activated coconut shell carbon:

This media removes chlorine and other chemicals and organics. protecting your resin as well as your family.

Vortex directional flow screens:

These screens are part of the Vortex tank system. They keep the different medias separated so they can do their individual jobs. These screens also cause a unique swirling flow in your water system to prevent channeling.

Fine mesh resin:

This is the most efficient resin Available this resin can only be used in non chlorinated water.