Fleck 5600se

Learn more about the Fleck 5600se system for your home in the Cypress, TX area

5600 SE 1600 3/4" meter

  • Solid state microprocessor with LED display. Time of day, Remaining capacity, Regeneration cycle in process.
  • Compact turbine meter downflow or upflow regeneration cycles.
  • Choose from 3 modes of operation: immediate meter regeneration, delayed meter regeneration, or delayed time clock regeneration.
  • NOVRAM valve status and memory backup.
  • Continuous flow rate if 20 gpm.
  • Backwash capacity handles tanks up to 12" diameter for softener applications, 10" for filter applications.

Fleck® is a trademark of Pentair, Inc.


  • Bypass valve
  • Backwash filter
  • Upflow regeneration
  • 1" inlet/outlet

    Valve Specifications

    Valve MaterialNoryl®
    Cycles*{enter info}

    Flow rates (50 PSI Inlet) - Valve Alone

    Continuous (15 PSI Drop)20 gpm
    Peak (25 PSI Drop)26 gpm
    Max.Backwash (25 PSI Drop)7 gpm


    Time AvailableUp to 99 minutes per cycle

    Meter Information

    Meter Accuracy Range.25 - 15 gpm +/- 5%
    Meter Capacity Range1 - 9,999 gals.


    Distributor Pilot13/16" or 1" (1.050) Pipe O.D.
    Drain Line1/2" NPT (Female)
    Brine Line3/8"
    Mounting Base2-1/2"-8 NPSM
    Height from top of tank7-1/2"

    Tank Application - can regenerate/backwash the following

    Water Softener

    6"-12" diameter

    Iron Filter
    6"-10" diameter

    Sediment Filter
    6"-10" diameter

    Carbon Filter
    6"-10" diameter

    Neutralizing Filter
    6"-10" diameter

    Additional Information

    Electrical Rating24v, 110v 220v-50 Hz, 60 Hz
    PressureHydrostatic: 300 PSI
    Working: 20 - 125 PSI
    Temperature34° - 110°F

    **Cv-Flow rate of valve alone at 1 psi pressure drop