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The facts will give you the Knowledge needed to become, a truly informed consumer.

Facts About Chlorine and Your water Softener

Chlorine Destroys Cation & Anion resin

Cation & Anion resin are the media's you will find in a water softener.

You might say it is the heart of the system. Cation Resin is the most popular. This attracts the scale causing compounds from your water.

The Bad news is, All Resin breaks down in the presence of chlorine. Your water has 2 to 5 ppm of chlorine.

Your resin eventually cracks and turns to a basic mush. Then it washes out of your system.

It dose not matter what kind of Warranty you get, "Warranties are for parts only. " A warranty is basically a sales tool used on the unsuspecting consumer.

MY Purpose here is to show you how a water softener works.

Then I will show you ours. You will then be able to make an informed decision.

Avoid Proprietary systems.

Like: Rainsoft, Culligan, Echo, GE, Rayne, Hague ECT.

These systems have Proprietary parts. They are ordinary water softeners, with expensive service calls. These systems are being sold for 3 to 6 thousand dollars. When you buy them, you're paying for advertising, marketing, the cost of the constant turn over of sales people, and high sales commissions.

When you need service. you need to deal with them Because of the Proprietary parts. Again you're paying for advertising, marketing, the cost of the constant turn over of sales and service people, and high sales commissions. Fortunately, for some people who find us, we can replace there Proprietary valve with a better one. This results in you not having to deal with them again. Or you may need a resin change, which we will do for far less then they will. Also you will have the piece of mind that comes with knowing, that the job was done correctly. Quite often people choose to replace these systems with our superior solutions. This is your opportunity to avoid all the headaches and expenses.

Keep in mind, regardless of how high-tech or pretty a system looks on the outside, it's what is inside that will make all the difference in the world to you. Keep in mind, while looking at these systems, how chlorine destroys resin.

For Example:

look at the systems below, are they the same?


They could be. The valves are the same. One tank has a pretty cover and the other does not. The salt tanks are different, but what is in side the system? View the photos below and see.

You may have noticed they are the same, on the inside. They have no way of protecting the resin.

Now Notice These Systems

The value is Proprietary. Also notice inside the system. The resin is at the top and the carbon is at the bottom. The sales person would say something like this:

"This is much more than a water softener, it is a state of the art water conditioning system. It removes chemicals and softens your water"

The fact is, the resin is being attacked by chlorine. Then the carbon removes the chlorine before it enters your home. To make matters worse, there is only enough carbon to ABSORB chlorine for 1 to 2 years depending on your water usage. And there is nothing to stop the growth of bacteria and algae, inside your system.

Doesn't it just make good sense to invest in a solution that makes sense ?

Primary Solutions has solved the problem. Designed, Engineered & Manufactured to give you a life time of trouble free service.

WE Remove the chlorine & other chemicals, before it ever touches your resin. This allows us to use a fine mesh resin, which is the most efficient resin on the market. Resulting in 1/5 the salt usage needed for the resin used in ordinary water softeners.

You can then get a life time of Trouble free use from your water treatment system.

You are about to enter an area where we will describe how the systems at Primary Solutions consulting work, and why they are far superior to the others.

When you view the images o the right, you will see what is inside.

You should know enough now to see the advantages of this system.

Your water enters from the top. It goes through the media guard which is filled with KDF55. Then it goes through the GAC carbon, which is sitting on top of the vortex media separation flow screen. Then it goes thru the fine mesh high capacity ion exchange resin, which sits on another vortex media separation flow screen. Your water then flows up through a 1 inch unrestricted riser tub and through a 1 inch ported valve. This valve has 1 moving part inside. It is trouble free and reliable in every way.